Pirates and Princesses Week

Play a great sneaky pirate game! Cook a delicious Fish Finger sandwich! Make a beautiful princess crown or Pirate hat! Arr, can you pin the eye patch on the pirate? Have a go at our Princess poison apple game!

Pirates and Princesses Week (Winners Friday)

Game: Sneeky Pirates

How to: Make Fish Finger Sandwiches

Craft: Hats and Crowns

Activity: Pin the eye patch on the pirate

Game: Poison Apples

Storytime: The princess and her amazing discovery

 Picture Quiz, Newz Sheet and our competitions

competition of the week:

dress as a pirate or a princess! send us a picture – prizes for the best!

Have some pictures, videos or answers to send us?

We'd love to see pictures of you dressed up, doing the activities and filling in our picture quiz, if your parents are taking pictures, send them to us, and you might win the MOST INTERACTIVE KID!