Magnificent Musicals Week

Play Wildcats basketball! Enjoy a tasty theatre snack! Make a crafty troll! Get those taste buds tingling in Charlie’s chocolate test! Enter our musical charades game! Competition of the week: Dress as a character from a well-known musical! Prizes for the best! In Storytime hear how walls have been blasted down, chains broken, and hearts comforted – all by the power of music!

Magnificent Musicals Week (Winners Friday)

Game: Basketball Battle!

Activity: How to make Popcorn!

Activity: Make a troll from Toilet or kitchen rolls

Activity: Charlie’s Chocolate Factory Test

Activity: Charades!

Storytime With Alan Tant

 Picture Quiz, Newz Sheet and our competitions!

competition of the week:

Dress as a character from a well known musical!

Have some pictures, videos or answers to send us?

We'd love to see pictures of you dressed up, doing the activities and filling in our picture quiz, if your parents are taking pictures, send them to us, and you might win the MOST INTERACTIVE KID!