Lockdown Challenge Week

It’s LOCKDOWN CHALLENGE WEEK, Let’s jump start this lockdown week with a game of hopscotch, get ready with your TicTacToks (or Toes), also, we’ve got skipping, salt dough, kebabs and pasta necklaces! 


Need a bit of Lockdown Entertainment? Watch our #ToiletRollChallenge

How to: Make Colourful fruit kebabs

Activity: Lockdown Time Capsule

Activity: Rainbow Pasta Necklaces

Activity: Skipping Challenge

Activity: Salt dough

Storytime: Locked in, locked down and locked up!

Picture Quiz & next weeks Newz Sheet

Have some pictures to send us?

We’d love to see pictures of you dressed up, doing the activities and filling in our picture quiz, if your parents are taking pictures, send them to us, and you might win the MOST INTERACTIVE KID!