Down on the Farm Week!

Take part in our fab farmyard races! Make a funky cow! Enjoy some fantastic farmyard food! How far can you throw the wellie? Prize for the furthest! Don’t miss our smelly cow pat game! Storytime is about a young man who left home, wasted all his money, and ended up with a job on a pig farm! But you’ll never believe the welcome his dad gave him when he returned home!

Down on the Farm Week (Winners Friday)

Game: Smelly Cow Pat!

Activity: Farmyard Food!

Activity: Veggie Planting

Activity: Throw the Wellie!

Activity: Funky Farm Cow!

Storytime: A Job on a Pig Farm!

 Picture Quiz, Newz Sheet and our competitions!

competition of the week:

Dress as a farmer or a farm animal! Certificates for the best!

Have some pictures, videos or answers to send us?

We'd love to see pictures of you dressed up, doing the activities and filling in our picture quiz, if your parents are taking pictures, send them to us, and you might win the MOST INTERACTIVE KID!