Mighty Military Week

Kidz Klub is back online this week due to current restrictions! But don’t forget to log on at 6pm this evening and join in the competitions!! Get yourselves some paper ready to make your own paper aeroplane. Join in the nerf gun challenge, and meet our Special Guest with a Special Skill! In our story time we will hear how an army brought down city walls by singing, shouting and blowing trumpets!!

Nerf Challenge

 paper Airplane Challenge

Special Guest with a special skill

Storytime: with ALAN!

Newz Sheet

competition of the week:

Come dressed like someone from the armed forces!

Have some pictures, videos or answers to send us?

We'd love to see pictures of you dressed up, doing the activities and filling in our picture quiz, if your parents are taking pictures, send them to us, and you might win the MOST INTERACTIVE KID!